No Time to Rethink...

Okay, so seriously, I am so sorry that I am so far behind on blogging! I have meant to come here so many times and let you in on our lives! I have a beautiful family and I want to share them with you, I really do. I am ashamed to say that I do not take as many pictures as I should....I really don't! Our lives are passing us before we know it and I will be blogging soon about my little girls going to kindergarten, graduating from high school, getting married, and OH, I BETTER STOP BEFORE I GET WEEPY!!!

I feel like I say it all of the time on here but I just don't have time to blog. I want to, I really do and I plan to blog when I have a few extra minutes. I look back on past blogs and I love reading them and I will miss that if I stopped so I have no intention to stop blogging but I have to stop apologizing for not blogging. I will blog when I get the chance. I will TRY to blog more but I am not promising anything and no more apologizing!!! :)

So...what has happened since you heard from me last?
-Lauren's surgery is scheduled for June 25th for tubes and adenoid removal
-Rachel is going to have a VUCG on Monday the 14th to see if her kidneys are refluxing - she has had 3 UTIS and the pedi is just wanting to make sure her kidneys are working properly. It is not going to be all.
-Lauren's little friend, Melody turned a year old!!! We celebrated at a splash park with lots of fun

What are we looking forward to?
-Rachel's dance recital is Saturday
-Brice's parents are coming tomorrow for a little over a week!!
-A family vacation in July...nothing major...just time together

Something that has happened that is noteworthy and has really "shaken" our world lately is that our dear friend and pastor, Shawn, just announced this past Sunday that he is going in view of a call to a church in Hot Springs. In laymen's terms that basically means that he will be relocating to Arkansas soon to serve as pastor to that church. Basically once it gets to this point, it is pretty much a "done deal." He is a great person and I, personally, love him and his family dearly. This will be hard for our church but also an opportunity for our church to grow and mature and see what God has in store for us as a congregration together. He was our pastor for 6 years and has done amazing things for and with God at our church and we will miss him greatly. Sunday was hard and it will be hard to say goodbye to him when that time comes and to his wife and children.

I will try to post pictures next time. I will post after the recital with lots of pictures! She looks so cute in her costume and is so proud! :)



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