So Much Going On

I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately...only some Thanksgiving ones that I have included. Rachel is growing up so incredibly fast. She can now point to herself if you ask her "Where's Rachel?" or "Where's Mommy's baby?" She can do the sign for please now too. She just started that today. It seems like we can't keep the poor child well. She is just finishing antibiotics from an ear infection. The fevers with that were scary...topped out at 103.8! She does the sound for a cow and a chicken (the chicken is very comical). She points to Daddy when you ask her where he is. She says juice, drink, tree, duck, milk and is trying to audibly say please and more. She and Daddy were able to spend some quality time together this past weekend. I worked two 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday from 11-11. That was my last weekend to work at Baylor and I am glad to be moving on. I have had interviews for other jobs at other places...some of which haven't worked out and a couple that are trying to get straightened out. We just want what God wants for our family. We will see how that goes.


K. Whittington said…
OMG that is the cutest outfit and bib... I never did that with mine, but I love seeing those items.. Cute Cute Cute

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