Hannah Happenings

I love this girl!  I mean, really.  She makes me crazy and makes me laugh all at the same time!  I often joke that if she would have been born first, she would have been an only child.  The sad thing is that I am not sure I am joking! ;)  Seriously, our lives would not be complete without her and she fits into our family just perfectly.

Hannah is now 2 years and 7 months old.  She is extremely verbal!!!  Like she can carry on a full-blown conversation with anyone and you can almost understand everything that she is saying!  She is very active and runs away from me all of the time.  We are working on it.  She is into everything.  You give her about 15 minutes of freedom and she is destroying something!!!  Maybe she will be an engineer when she grows up!  LOL!

She knows her ABCs and she can count to 10, maybe higher, not sure.  She displays dominance in her left hand about 90% of the time.  She loves to sing but gets shy when asked to show other people!  She loves going to church and loves playing with her sisters.  She really will be the life of the party when she is older.  Oh, and she LOVES the iPad!!!!!

She still gets up usually at least one time a night.  We rock, she goes back to sleep!  This has gotten so much better than it used to be when she would wake up MULTIPLE times in the night and just stay up.  Thank you lavender essential oils!!!!!

Hannah loves the water and she loves french fries!  She does not like to eat really...she could take it or leave it but when she is hungry, she wants to eat what SHE wants to eat.  She is very strong-willed.  I thought that Rachel was my strong-willed child but she has NOTHING on this one!!!!

She is very kind-hearted.  She does not like for her sisters to cry or get in trouble.  If someone is crying, she will run to them and ask what is wrong and give hugs and kisses.  She wants everyone to be happy like her.

Hannah is happy most of the time.  She smiles so big you can't see her squinty little eyes.  She loves life.  That's just the bottom line!!!  She's full of life and just takes every opportunity to enjoy it! :)  She loves calling everyone ______ Grace.  She will run around calling me Mommy Grace!!!!  I love it!

I honestly cannot imagine our lives without this little girl!  She makes us laugh, has made me cry on occasion, and she keeps us on our toes!!!  I pray that she grows up to love Jesus as much as she loves life.  

Hannah Grace, we love you!!


Hannah sounds a lot like my Ben!! (especially the part about if he were my first he'd be an only child too! haha)
Lainey-Paney said…

...and that first paragraph: describes E too!

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