Hannah Closet Cleanout

I have posted lots of clothes on Facebook but it was getting hard to keep track of who got what so I decided to do a big post of the rest on here.  Please comment with your email address so I can paypal invoice you.  I will charge $2 for shipping unless you get a lot of stuff that requires a larger box.  THANKS!!!  :)  PS...some of the sizes might not be exactly correct because I took the pictures and then when doing the captions, was doing it from memory.  I will double check and correct or if you have a specific question, please don't hesitate to ask.  Please share this if you know anyone needing clothes!  THANKS!
Gymboree 18-24 months light blue horse dress with bloomers. 

Assorted play clothes.  12 months. $10

Outfit for play. 18 months. $6

Faded Glory jean dress. 18 months. $5

Children' Place tank. New With Tags. 24 months. $5

Light pink and brown pants set. Very good condition. $10

Boutique dress. $10

Romper. Size 24 months. $5

Assorted play clothes. 12-18 months. $10 
(will likely add more to this)

Dora 1-piece romper. Light green. 24 months.

Rare Editions green/pink polka dot dress. Size 2. $10

Play clothes. 3T. $3

Red gingham dress. 24 months. $8

Boutique halter dress. Pink/brown toile. 3T. $10

Short set. $24 months. $6

Koala Kids. 24 months. $6

Clown dress. 24 months. $6

Flower dress with bloomers. 24 months. $6

Boutique style pants set. Size 3. $10

Long romper (red) 24 months. $6

Long romper (yellow). 24 months. $6

Hawaii-style dress. 2T. $5

Children's Place. Tank is New With Tags. Pants to match. 24 months 

Children's Place skirt. 24 months. $5

Flower dress. 24 months. $8

Two play dresses. 24 months. $5

Frilly dress. 3T. $10

Shirt and leggings. 24 months. $6

Shirt and leggings. 24 months. $6

Jean shortalls (has matching shirt not pictured) 24 months. $5

Two pink Gymboree skirts. 24 months. $5

Pink ruffle capri outfit. 24 months. $8

Scottie dog bubble. 18 months. $7

Carter's jumper dress. 18 months. $6

Carter's bubble 18 months. $6

24 months. New With Tags. $8

Carter's 18 months. $8

Children's Place jean dress.  18 months. $10

St. Patrick's Day outfit. 18 months (need to double check size...might be 24 months). 

Smocked bubble. 9 months. $10

Gymboree 18-24 months. $5

Remember Nguyen scalloped collar white shirt. 12 months. $6

Old Navy Hello Kitty shirt. 18 months. $5

Anavini smocked bubble. 18 months $8

Anavini smocked swimsuit. 18 months. (might be 24 months...will update when I check). 

Gymboree dress. 18 months. $8

Gymboree dress. 18 months. $8

Carter's bubble 18 months. $8

Gymboree dress. 18-24 months. $8

Play clothes 18 months. $5

Nina patent leather shoes. Size 6. PERFECT condition. 

Puddle Jumpers. Size 9. Hannah's feet are too fat! :(

Keds.  NEVER WORN!  Still have the box. Size 7W. 


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