Day In the Life - Wednesday

There are several people doing these blog posts where you start one day and blog for a week simply about your day...details about it. I was hesitant to do this because my days consist of working but maybe someone would want to read what I did all day....

My day started this morning like it does most mornings with the alarm going off at 6:00 am. Actually, it starts going off at about 5:15 but my husband and I both like the snooze button. When the alarm goes off at 6:00, every morning I check my phone - texts, emails, Twitter, and facebook (my news)! :) I get a shower, get ready (makeup and dry my hair...yep, EVERY DAY). I went downstairs to try to figure out what to wear from the laundry room. Today it was the same black maternity pants that I wear about 3 days out of the week. I really need to get some more dress pants! I put my clothes in the dryer to "iron" them and get the girls' lunches ready. I make their lunches, fill up sippy cups for the car, get their vitamins out o n the counter, and this morning got them packages of mini muffins to eat in the car. I got my clothes out of the dryer and headed back upstairs.

I got dressed and completely ready then went to wake up the girls...this is consistently one of the most frustrating part of my day. I try to go in and be cheerful and give kisses, etc. Now that they are sharing a room, they both wake up at the same time. This morning, they both woke up in great moods, yay! Both of my children are GREAT sleepers...go to sleep around 8:00 and get up when I wake them up at 7:20...the weekend they usually sleep until 9:00. I fight with the girls for about 20 minutes getting them dressed and their hair fixed then we headed downstairs. They grabbed their drinks, gummies (vitamins), and breakfast and we all head for the car careful to not let the dog out. (OH, by the way, Brice is already gone when I get the girls up...he works about an hour away WITHOUT traffic).

We arrived at school (daycare) at about 8:05 and I dropped them off. They are great - they go right in and I don't have any problems. Then it was time for my drive to work. It is almost my quiet personal time for the day. Sometimes I listen to radio sermons from local preachers but this morning, I listened to my CD I made of worship songs from my iPod.

I got to work a little late - about 8:45. We have to park in this lot across the street from the hospital. I hate walking over the skybridge (too many stairs) so I played Frogger and made it across the street. I got into the office and started my morning routine. I printed my census of patients on my floors (basically just a list of who is there). Then I print out all of the social work consults for the day for my patients. I organize myself, say hello to my co-workers and get ready for the day.

This morning I started out a conversation with a representative from one of the facilities that we refer our patients to. She is a friend and was upset so I let her vent/talk. Then I went to my meeting at 10:00 on my orthopedic/neuroscience floor. This meeting is with the physical therapist, charge nurse, myself, and my case manager. It is called a huddle. We talk about the discharge plans/needs of all of the patients on my floor. Immediately after that meeting I headed to my telemetry (patients who need monitoring) floor. I cover 10 of the patients on this 20 bed floor. It is the same kind of meeting as my other floor. This morning, in the middle of the 2nd meeting, I got a page to the ER. I also cover the ER. So I headed down there after my 2nd meeting.

I actually stopped by the cafeteria first because it was now 11:15 or so and I hadn't had anything to eat yet! I grabbed a Dr. Pepper and some chips (healthy I know). I went to the ER to talk to a lady who had come in and said she couldn't afford her medications. To make a long story short, I did not assist her because #1. she is a frequent flyer to our hospital and non-compliant and #2. she was going to be admitted anyway. Anyway, I had conversations with a couple of doctors and then went back upstairs.

Back in my's about noon. I had to follow up from a patient that was in the ER last night that said he couldn't afford one of his medications. I called to get the price of the medication to three different pharmacies. Just FYI, the cost of the this medication was $138! Anyway, got that filled and called him. After that was done and documented, it was time to go eat lunch. My co-workers and I went to the cafeteria and ate. I had a salad and vegetable soup.

After lunch I was incredibly busy. I don't know what order they were in but I visited with a lady in the ER about going to a nursing home, I worked with the ER case manager to prevent a couple of admissions, and saw patients with the following ailments: car accident with back injury, 2 or 3 elective back surgeries (all which needed rehab placement), a recent brain surgery patient, a recent stroke patient, and one man who was a tad confused and I can't remember what he needed or what was wrong with him. OH! I also explained all of the advanced directives. I went back to my office and sent about 6 referrals to different places (rehab facilities, nursing homes, etc) and documented on all of them.

I left work at about 5:20 and went to the daycare to pick up the kids. I called Brice on the way home and asked about dinner. He said nothing was thawed so I ordered pizza from my iPhone on the way home.

We arrived home at about 6:30, just in time for the pizza. We ate and the girls watched the Wiggles. We colored, did puzzles, and did watercolors with the girls and then while I posted a Bible study blog, Brice put Lauren to bed at about 8:00 and then Rachel at about 8:45. He has been upstairs since then and I have been doing my blog posts and washing clothes.

Tomorrow....much of the same...I told you...this is going to be boring!

That kind of made me more tired thinking about what I do all day....good thing the maids came and cleaned today! :)



Kaydi said…
Whew! Your day wore me out!

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