His Love Is So Amazing!

This month is all about love! God has really given me so many blessings and opportunities over the past several months. I cannot tell you how amazed I have been. Then I think, why am I so amazed...God is awesome and I should expect blessings but blesses beyond what I could ever think or imagine - Ephesians 3:20.

I was able to speak and give my testimony a month or so ago and then I spoke again this past week at Kingdom Women. Kingdom Women is a ministry of our church that focuses on Kingdom work. I was privileged to speak for about 20 minutes about my life, where God has brought me, and how He has blessed my life. It was a great experience!! I love those women! Some of them are matriarchs of our church and some of them are my very best friends. I just spoke from my heart...about God's love.

It was a blessing for me to speak but more than anything was the blessing that I received after I was finished. This has been a rough couple of weeks for my husband and I in the ministry area. There has just been "stuff" that he, in particular, has had to deal with that has been quite challenging. The very night that I spoke I received two emails that just made me sob! Women that had the kindest words that I have heard (read) people say (write)...women that were sort of unexpected actually. The encouragement was just overwhelming and then I thought...

This is what it is all about!!

God has called me out of a dark place and asked me to share things that are no easy...to be transparent and real even though what I talk about isn't pleasant or easy.  But it is all for His glory!!  It is all about allowing others to feel God's love and forgiveness by sharing what He has done for me.  That is definitely REASON TO REJOICE!!!

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony."
Revelation 12:11



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