I don't guess I need to tell you that I have been on a "blogging break" huh? You kinda figured that one out all by yourself, I bet!!! :)

Uninspired? Busy? Tired? That's probably the reason!!!!

I had an absolutely FABULOUS day today!! I took a personal day. For ME! That's right and it was amazing! I slept late...a little. I got up, took a shower, took the girls to daycare, shopped at Babies R Us and met some friends at Glorias for lunch. GREAT food and fellowship with a godly group of some of my favorite ladies!!!! I LOVE them...all of them!!!! I can truly say that all 5 of them are women that I love, truly, deep down. I have such a unique relationship with each of them and I am so very blessed to know them all. Then after that, me and two of my friends went for toes are great! :) Then I went to Kohl's and got me some jean shorts. I had NONE that fit. I got a dress and two shirts too and some short sets for Lauren in bigger sizes...bless her heart! :)

I am also blessed to have such a wonderful FRIEND and co-worker who agreed to work my shift today so that I could enjoy all of this and not worry about whether or not my job was going to be done. I LOVE IT!!!! All too often, I leave not knowing if my work will be done while I am gone. Not today, folks!! The thing is this...even on the weekend, I am stressed because when I have to come back on Monday, I am left to pick up where I left off on Friday. Tomorrow I can go in and know that work was actually done in my place today...what a great feeling.

Yes, I know, I have not posted any pictures lately. I have some on my camera that I need to download. I don't take many these days. The girls are doing well. They are rotten!!

Thanks for sticking with me even though I am a lousy blogger..... :)



Rachel Moss said…
Sounds like a wonderful day! Katie Bug and I were at BRU this morning, too.
Lainey-Paney said…
Hope you had a wonderful day!

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