Wonderful Weekend!!!

I know it has been a long time since my last post and even though I have been crazy busy not much noteworthy stuff has really happened. Last weekend we spent some time as a family on Sunday evening but Brice pretty much worked all weekend. Lauren has been sick for two weeks with fever and a cough but is finally starting to feel better, I think. She still has the green nose. Anyway, things around here seem to be a little better.

I took off Friday which meant that I knew Thursday that I needed to get things done. I didn't realize at that time that I would be at the hospital until 9:00 pm!!!! It was an INSANE day!! It was crazy! BUT, Friday was so much fun! I took the girls to daycare and then got my car washed and detailed, picked up Heather and on to Canton we went!!! We shopped for a few hours, got something to eat and then headed to Tyler to the hotel for the SBTC Regional Women's Conference. It was great! It was refreashing and I enjoyed most of the sessions that I attended both Friday night and Saturday. I am excited about what God has in store for me and for the future of my church!

I want to be more intentional about blogging about God and for God and sharing about what He is doing in my life. I hope to do more of that and talk more about why I have so much to REJOICE about because I truly do!!! Here are two of them:



Katie said…
Rikki ~ Sweet sweet. I love the new blog look, too! You're precious.

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