Happy 2008!

Gosh, I don't know how many times I have apologized for not being a very good blogger, but here I go again!! Time just gets away from me!

We are doing fabulous!! A new year and new fun times to be had! We hope that your 2008 is the best ever!!!

Well, what have we been doing??? What HAVEN'T we been doing! We celebrated Christmas.....which was TONS of fun!! Here is our Christmas slideshow...

Rachel is almost 14 months so she has turned another month old since I posted last. She is really becoming such a big girl. She is talking up a storm...stuff you can actually understand. She is comprehending a lot more that Mommy and Daddy say too. She truly is the best little girl and we are so proud of her! Here is a slideshow of some miscellaneous pictures since the last post....

I have had another birthday! Yep...one more year. Brice and I went and tried fondue for the first time....not the biggest fan...maybe next time we will be more impressed but I did have a wonderful birthday. I am in the middle of job interviews and praying God's will for our family concerning my job situation. I have been offered one job and turned it down because of distance and hours and have a meeting Wednesday for a weekend PRN position with a local hospital. It would only be 2 shifts per month on the weekend. She is going to offer me the job on Wednesday so we will see how that goes and Thursday is a 2nd interview for a full time job at the closest hospital to our house. This one would definitely have me away from Rachel more than both of us are used to, so it will take some extra consideration and prayer....I will keep you posted!!

Brice enters busy season full force starting, actually tomorrow! It will be rough around here for a few months. Rachel isn't going to understand why her daddy isn't able to play with her as much. She loves playing with Daddy!! I hate this time of the year....but it brings in the money!

I hoping to accomplish much this year...I have a few things I want to do before the rolling over of the next year but I won't call them resolutions...I hate New Year's Resolutions! I am praying for strength and wisdom because all of these things will make me a better Mommy, wife, and overall person. Here's to 2008!!! Be blessed!


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