Another Month!

My, what an unfaithful blogger I am!!! So much has happened since wrote last. The three of us took a much needed trip to Arkansas to visit with family and friends. Rachel was able to see many people that she doesn’t get to see very often and Mommy and Daddy always love showing her off! I hosted a baby shower for Christy on April 28th in Hope and we had a blast! She got so many nice things and seemed to really enjoy herself. Adison Reece will be here before long. Christy is 36 weeks along today and doing good!!! Then we went to Little Rock to visit family and friends there. Here are some pictures from that trip. Oh, and while we were gone Rachel got familiar with her toes and is now very fond of them!!!
She loves flowers!!
Here is Rachel with Maddie and Caleb

I know that there were more pictures with family that I cannot find on my computer. When I locate them I will put them on here because we got some good ones with Great-Granny.

When we returned we were surprised to find that we had no electricity along with thousands of others in our area. Apparently there was a horrible storm while we were gone that knocked power out to majority of the Metroplex for several days. Our first night back in Texas we stayed with Jack and Marilyn Thomas. We got power restored the next day while we were at the zoo with the Clarks but they still did not have power. Ryan, Krista, Chelsea and Missie (the dog) stayed the night with us until their power was restored. We were glad to help them out….besides I am always up for a bunkin party!!! Here are pictures from the zoo.

Rachel and Chelsea

Here is the family by the waterfall!!
This was where I was feeding a bird with feed on a stick and Rachel was not quite sure what to think about that bird being so close to her. She kept trying to grab it!!

Now for up-to-date stuff….yesterday was my very first Mother’s Day with my baby girl here. Last year we celebrated Mother’s Day because I was pregnant with Rachel but this year was so special to me. I just cried thinking about having the responsibility of being a mother. I cherish every moment that I have with my baby girl and being a Mommy is the best thing in the entire world!!!! Yesterday was a special day not only because of Mother’s Day but it was also the day that Rachel was dedicated to the Lord. She was dressed very girly in her fluffy ruffles and lace!! She was absolutely precious and it was such a special moment in her life. I hope that she always knows how very special she is to us. Here are pictures from yesterday.This was the baby dedication service.

Rachel has also started drinking apple juice from a sippy cup and LOVES it!! It is very very messy though! =)

Today, my sweet little girl is 6 months old!!!!! I just cannot believe that she is already ½ a year old. Where in the world has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that I found out I was going to have a baby. Each day brings new things that Rachel learns and discovers. It is such a joy being her mother. A friend of mine has said about her little girl that it almost seems like you can see her wheels in her head turning. I feel the same way about Rachel. Sometimes she gets a look on her face that makes me believe that she truly is figuring it all out. I am so thankful that she hasn’t quite figured it ALL out yet. Life is difficult and it suites me just fine for her to be innocent as long as possible and not figure that out. She truly is the light of our lives!!


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