Rachel's New Trick!

Once again it is time for Rachel to do something that not everyone thinks is amazing but her Momma thinks it is!!! Rachel can roll over from her back to her belly and now that she has figured it out, she loves it! Anytime she is on her back over she goes. It is funny! She loves being on her belly! Today I went up to check on her because she was playing in her bed and when I went up to her room she was asleep on her belly. I guess it was okay because she was breathing but it kinda made me nervous. Anyway, she is changing to much...I feel like I say that everytime I post. Her friend Chelsea is walking some and she is doing a super job!!! Way to go Chelsea...only 8 months old!

Starting to do the trick....

Here she goes!!

Well, I am over, but a little stuck....

There we go!! Did you like my new trick????

Rachel Being a Silly Girl


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